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Curated sessions for your mind and spirit designed to help you transform, create, rejuvenate and find inner peace.

When it comes to changing your life, it all starts with you making a choice.

Start your journey today and get instant access to the portal.

Master your mind and body, anytime, anywhere.

Move beyond- Disrupt Energy Patterns that keep you in repeating cycles.

Harness The Power of Your Subconscious - Use Breathwork Sound Healing and Meditations as Tools for Deep, Lasting Change.

Choose from a variety of practices, ranging from 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes, create your own ritual for change. 

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in the membership?

Tools for Transformation : To truly change our life, we must evolve into a new state of being. Permanent change in our bodies and mind does not happen through the conscious mind, but through the subconscious mind.

Through modalities designed to access the subconscious - Sound Healing, Sound Frequencies, Guided Meditations as well as physical somatic practices such as Breathwork and Movement, you become an active participant in your evolution. Releasing all that you are “not” to step into who you already are. A magnetic, powerful co creator of your life.

Live Monthly Workshops Beginning in July: Connect in real time with the community under the powerful energies of either the New moon and Full moon based on new themes according to the Cosmic Cycle. Set intentions, release, learn, heal and be supported by a like hearted community. Sacred and powerful rituals, workshops.

LikeHearted Community : The path can sometimes be lonely. This platform was birthed not only to give you access to powerful, life changing tools for transformation, but to unite heart-centered self-healers to create a community for all. With our live workshops and dedicated social groups, you'll find a sanctuary to connect, explore, and be wholly yourself. Every part of you is embraced and welcome here.

Exclusive Member Only Access : Members will get the exclusive access to live workshops, teachers trainings and community gatherings.

What is Soulchemy Studio?

Soulchemy Studio is a vritual sanctuary offering a fusion of alchemical practices to simplify your daily practice and awaken your essence. Through the use of activating and various modalities, you are guided on a journey of transformation, self-regulation, and deep states of inner peace. Here, every sound, every breath, becomes a step towards your truest self.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes! This website is designed to make it user friendly for you to access anytime, anywhere! Practices ready to go in your pocket.

Can I cancel any time?

Your month to month membership can be cancelled through your account, and once you cancel you revoke access to all content.

If you opted for a pay up front for the yearly discounted rate, there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.